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Words simply cannot convey the magnitude of the experience I had during my first Voluntourism trip in June 2013. I always told myself “Someday I will do a Voluntourism trip.” After attending a Bottle School fundraiser, I decided that there was no better time than the present to make this dream a reality. Two years and two trips later, I have partnered with a great friend to create an opportunity for others to share what we have experienced!
From the very beginning, during my first trip, I arrived in Guatemala, the Hug It Forward team made us feel at home in a country so far from home. The education they provided us about the country, the community, and the individual families really enriched the quality of this trip. I went on my first trip expecting to help build a school. By the second day, I had the hard realization that this was more than just building a school. This trip was not about what I was contributing to Guatemala, but instead what Guatemala was contributing to me.
My life was touched in so many ways. Just seeing the enthusiasm shown by the children and community members was inspiring. The hospitality and desire to share shown by everyone was absolutely wonderful. Despite lacking the luxuries many Americans have, we were shown the joy they share with what they do have. During a Q&A session with a community last year, the question was asked, “What makes you happy?” The answer the children unanimously replied was “To be alive” and “My family”. Those words moved our entire group. Before returning from this trip, Jamie and I made the commitment to return in November 2015 and lead this trip. I look forward to serving you in Guatemala!
–Humza Shamsuddin


I made the commitment on July 2013 in Denver to go on my first Voluntourism trip. Due to the couple that asked me to go, the trip would not be until June of 2014. As it turned out, it ended up being the time of my 40th bday. I had always wanted to do more and give back. I always had a passion to serve and help children. This was going to allow me to do both, and what ensued was something that has changed my life forever and made it the absolute best decision I made to celebrate my 40th bday.
I had been out of the country many times before, but never to serve. I had no idea what to expect but was excited and nervous with anticipation. When we got off the plane and were greeted by the Hug it Forward team, all the nerves vanished and the excitement grew even more. From the staff to all the people that we were in contact with at the hotels, on the buses, and at our meals, they made us feel right at home with their warm hearts and abundance of smiles and gratitude. Everyone was also very open and taught us about the area, the people, and the culture, and even some of the families and their stories.
I can’t express what happened on that trip. I knew I was going to serve and was hoping to get something out of it for me. It was amazing to see so many people happy and most gracious with us being there to help. What they may never realize is that they have impacted my life and changed it forever. To see people that were genuinely happy to just be alive and to have their family made me realize how fortunate, and sometimes spoiled, we are to live in the country we live in. Not only the people in Guatemala, but the amazing people I was blessed to be with on the trip have extended into a family that will be dear to me for the rest of my life!
Before I even left Guatemala, I had told the staff at Hug It Forward and my group that I would be back. Humza and I worked out the details with Hug It Forward and our trip is set for November 2014. I hope you take the opportunity to join us for what will be an amazing, fun, and life changing trip!
– Jamie Dobay

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Slideshow from our last trip!

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How kids and communities build bottle schools

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