Fundraising for Bottle Schools – WorldVentures Foundation

Fundraising for bottle schools

Fundraising for bottle schools is optional – it is not a requirement of partipating in a bottle school trip.

If you choose to fundraise, we suggest a $250 fundraising goal, but some people choose to do more or less than this. It’s really up to you – how much you think your friends and families can give, how creative you can be, and how much time you’re prepared to put into it.

We can help you with ideas on how to raise money – some ideas would be to send out an email to your friends, set up a fundraising web site, ask your colleagues and contacts, knock on your neighbors’ doors, run a bake sale, garage sale, barbecue or raffle. You don’t have to do all your fundraising before your trip – you can continue fundraising many months after you return from your bottle school trip.

Fundraising online through Stay Classy

Stay Classy is a web site where you can create your own fundraising page to raise money for bottle schools. It’s easy to share this page on Facebook and Twitter and by email. Your page will have your own picture on it, and will let you share your own thoughts to friends and family about why you believe in supporting this cause through the WorldVentures Foundation. Here’s how to set up your fundraising page:

1. Click this link to take you to the Bottle School fundraising page
2. Go to the top right corner to “Create Your Fundraising Page” in a blue box, and click to start creating your own campaign page!
3. Fill out the questions, then click create to customize your own fundraising page then click “edit my page” tp start designing your own page.
4. Once your page is complete, start sharing it through Facebook and Twitter, and by emailing it to your friends and family. The entire process will take you less than 15 minutes, depending on how detailed you want your page to be.

Sending in checks

You can also mail donation checks directly to WorldVentures Foundation.

WorldVentures Foundation
5100 Tennyson Parkway
Plano, TX 75024

Important Note: If your friends do not want to provide payment to you online, they can also pay by Check, however you and they MUST follow these instructions, for us to be able to track the donation to your trip: Checks must include your NAME and the DATE of the trip in the check Memo line, or it will not be applied to your trip.

Any questions?

Thank you so much for your cooperation, collaboration and generosity to make a sizable difference in the lives of so many on your bottle school trip.

Please email Kassy at if you have any questions.

Fundraising towards the cost of your trip

If you can’t afford the full $994.99 cost of the trip, you could try fundraising among your friends and family. Once you explain to them how important a bottle school trip is to you, and what a big impact it’s going to have on your life, they may be willing to help out towards the cost of the trip.

You can ask for cash or check donations, or set up your own personal fundraising page to raise money towards the cost of your trip on web sites such as Go Fund Me. Please note that any donations made via Go Fund Me will not be tax-deductible, because the donations are being made towards the cost of your trip, not towards bottle schools. Good luck – we are here to support you however we can.