Flight information

Guatemala City is well served by many different airlines flying from different cities in the United States.

The airport code for the airport is GUA. We recommend that you search multiple airlines to find the best deal.

If possible, you should book your flights to arrive no later than 4pm on the day that the trip starts, to ensure that you get to the hotel in time for the orientation and the opening night dinner. Your flight back to the US can leave at any time on the last day of the trip.

You will be met at the airport by a member of the Serve The World Today team, who will welcome you and take you to the private shuttle to the hotel. We are currently supporting two different municipalities in Guatemala; the journey to Tecpán takes take about two hours and the journey to Yepocapa takes about two and a half hours. Travel times will vary depending on traffic and if you stop for lunch on the way to the hotel.

Don’t miss your flight! Please allow plenty of time to get to the airport. It’s a real shame to miss the first day of the trip. If you do miss your flight or if your flight is delayed for any reason, please please contact us immediately, so that we know and we’re not waiting at the airport for you when you’re not going to be there.