Our expectations of you

  1. Communication is the most important thing
    • Communicate, communicate, communicate
    • If you don’t feel well, you aren’t comfortable, you are not getting the experience you would like to have, or you don’t understand something, please communicate.
    • Don’t assume anything. Communicate what you need: we can’t know your needs unless you communicate them.
  2. All health concerns must be raised immediately with the Trip Leader
    • While it’s not unusual to have some episodes of diarrhea while traveling, it’s always better to be safe than sorry with regard to your health. If in doubt, ask your trip leader.
    • Please inform your trip leader of any and all symptoms immediately so that we can avoid serious problems.
    • Please do not self-medicate. Our on-the-ground staff have seen it all when it comes to different ailments that affect travelers: please trust their judgment and follow their guidance when it comes to treating your health issues.
    • Please do all you can to not pass your illness to others.
    • It is never inappropriate to ask where the nearest restroom is.
    • Avoid discussing your symptoms too much with the rest of the group (apart from the team leader/organizer).
  3. No alcohol consumption is permitted
    • You are a reflection of Hug It Forward, and your home country.
    • Anyone abusing alcohol will not be allowed to continue volunteering with the group.
  4. Absolutely no drug use will be tolerated
    • If a volunteer is suspected of using drugs they will be sent home immediately, no questions asked.
    • If you are caught in possession of even “small” amounts of drugs, or using drugs, or even in the company of people using drugs, there may be serious mandatory jail sentences in extremely unpleasant and dangerous conditions. Your legal rights will be VERY different than those within your home country.  In many countries you basically have no rights.
  5. Be culturally appropriate
    • We are guests in their country and just because something might work or be “the best way” in your country does not mean it will in theirs.
    • Make it a priority to protect their culture and the way they do things. Who are we to tell or imply how something “should” be done?
    • Please always remember to be considerate and open-minded.  Bigotry will not be tolerated, even in joking.
    • Be aware that men and women in other countries are most likely not aware of your home county’s cultural norms.  If you find something offensive, remember that the only person you can control in the situation is yourself.
  6. All disagreements should be brought up with your Trip Leader
    • Team morale will make or break your trip. Any group environment will include many different personalities and we encourage you to remind yourself of your focus: We are there for the people we are serving.
    • Disagreements or people not pulling their weight will jeopardize the team morale and consequently the project we are there to help with.
    • Always be kind, considerate, and open with the communication of your frustrations or confusion.  This will help us work through any issue and more quickly find common ground.
    • Be the solution, not the problem.  Ask yourself “how can I help out?” at every moment you can.