November 2011 Bottle School Trip

“The trip opened my eyes to pollution problems that must be addressed now around the world. After this experience I find myself wanting to do my part in making a difference in reducing pollution specifically with the use of plastic.” – Emory Walford

“It was my first true mission trip so that in itself was very special. Also, I got to experience it side by side with my 11 year old son and to watch him be a part of it was VERY special. It made me think about things in a different light and really increased my awareness of many things. It felt good to help out the community and leave them with something that future generations will be able to benefit from.” – Cindy Bolf

“It completely changed the way i view my life and how good we really have it. It gives us no right to complain about anything really ;)” – Jordan Varley

“It is impossible to pick just one highlight from the trip.  I enjoyed so much.  I loved meeting the people, learning more about their culture and experiencing their happiness.  One of my favorite memories was sitting with a group stuffing bottles and asking them questions about their lives and traditions.” – Mary Hurley

“This trip was meaningful to me because it changed my view of life and it allowed me to grow at least 6 degrees. I went feeling an entitlement and came home feeling a responsibility to be a better person. There is so much ignorance in the world and i just want to educate myself on as much as i can.” – Robin Arceneaux