March 2012 Bottle School Trip (Fun & Money Guys)

“I am 11 years old and this is the coolest trip I have ever been on”

“This [was] my second trip to Guatemala and it was extra special because I had my entire family with me and got to experience it with them. I also enjoyed the difference between [my] two trips in getting to experience two new schools this time.”

“[This experience was meaningful] in many ways….to experience the culture, the impact the school has on the community, the love the people had for us, the charm of the environment, sharing [this] with my kids, and the relationships built with [the workers and guide]. [We were] made to feel safe at all times. I really apprec[iated] the time [Hug it Forward} took to make us feel at ease [with] no worries the whole time.”
Logan – “This was a life-changing trip…experiencing how caring, kind, hospitable, and friendly people are [in this culture]…changed my viewpoint and the way I see the world.”

“This experience taught me a lot about what really matters…here they really understand the importance of family and hard work. [The people were all] so loving here. [At first] I wasnt quite sure what to expect but [in the end] I got way more than I expected. The food and hotels were very good and the time at the schools was amazing…I enjoyed hanging out with the kids and community…the kids are little bundles of joy and they made me happy. [It] was really sad to leave those people [at the end].”

“[This experience] reminded me how important community is and how every culture has dreams for their children. It also reminded me how we take for granted all the blessings we have. [I] really really enjoyed this experience.”

“The experience was more than I realized it would be. I expected a fulfilling trip but after being here i realized how much I take for granted back home. Working side by side with the women and children, knowing you’re helping generations to come was simply amazing. [Meeting] a grandmother working [alongside] her grandchildren was so touching [and something] I’ll never forget. To see the communities come together so passionately was truly amazing! Wow, wow wow.”

“[This trip] was amazing. Words cannot even describe how I feel…I am so overwhelmed with everything that has happened…life will never be the same after this trip…It was unlike any other voluntourism/mission trip I have ever been on in my life. It made me realize that [even] as a kid I can change someone’s life. I hope to come back again soon.”

“You help provide a life-changing experience for the villagers and then realize that the same experience has occurred in your own life.”

“This trip was awesome – across the board. The staff is the best. Thank you for making it so comfortable to come to an unfamiliar place!”