June 2012 Bottle School Trip

“Thank you Hug it Forward for opening up a door to see the world in a way I otherwise never would [have been able to]. I would tell [my friends and family] that it would be one of the most rewarding and exceptional experiences they’ll ever have.”

“[I learned on this trip that] money and success doesnt make you happy. The people who have nothing might be the ones who are the most happy.”

“It was a great way to explore that the world is bigger than yourself. To give something back to the children just felt great. [The group was] fantastic, amazing people and a blessing experience. [Now] I will be more aware of staying in the present and appreciate the fact that I live in one of the greatest countries in the world.”

“[The Bottle School Voluntourism Trip] really helps you feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself and you build relationships like you never have before. It will change your life for the better. It really made me see how fortunate I am and appreciate the little things normally taken for granted.”

“This experience truly cannot be described in words. Each time it just gets better and better. Not only am I more comfortable with the schedule but I am able to help other group members feel comfortable as well. The best feeling yet is the hug it Forward team feels like family and Guatemala feels like my second home. I learned…that by continually stepping outside my comfort zone and trying new things, I can constantly learn and enjoy their culture more and more. I would tell [my friends and family] to pack their bags and leave tomorrow…it is an experience they truly will never regret. They are in safe hands 100% and their lives will be impacted in so many positive ways.”

“[If I could tell my friend and family about a bottle school voluntourism trip, I would say] GO! You will be so well cared for; no detail is overlooked. Your eyes and arms will be opened.”