Trent Hodges’ bottle school trip to Guatemala: January 21st to 27th, 2013

Dear friends,

I invite you all to come along on a journey to Guatemala to help build a bottle school. During my time in Guatemala as a Peace Corps volunteer, the community in which I lived had the opportunity to build a preschool classroom from plastic bottles and inorganic trash with the help of Hug It Forward. Through this experience, I learned that a community-driven project such as this spreads awareness, promotes and fosters education, and will cause a change in the hearts and minds of those involved.

I just recently landed in Hawaii after a 38 day voyage in the North Pacific Gyre from San Diego to Honolulu. With the research group SEA, a group of volunteers and crew conducted scientific research on the plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean while sailing a 134 foot traditional sailing schooner (click here for pictures and stories of the sailing journey). It was an amazing and difficult experience being out on the open ocean enveloped in the solitary magnificence of nature while also seeing firsthand the unbelievable amount of plastic that is contaminating our oceans up close. I must admit that at times I felt helpless. The tehnological progress of humankind has reached to areas of the world few see and the consequences are largely unknown.

My grief however did not last for long. I formed a strong bond with my other shipmates and we shared our stories, our passions, and our perspectives. We are all on the same boat in this world and we all have an interest in maintaining it. I realized that there are so many people in the world and in my life who want to make a difference and chart a new path for the human course. We are confronted by so many challenges, but that also gives us such great opportunities to reach out and do something with our lives above and beyond ourselves. We are all on the same boat in this world, persevering to better each others lives, our own, and our home. I invite you all to come down to Guatemala and participate in the experience of sharing cultures, perspectives, knowledge, and love.


Trent Hodges
or Guillermo in Guatemala

The bottle school in Las Mañanitas

How kids and communities build bottle schools

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