Testimonials from the voluntourism trip to El Molino, Guatemala

“The bottle school trip to Guatemala was the most life changing and memorable of all my travel experiences! The trip was truly magical and I came back with heart felt inspiration… Really knowing deep inside our ability to make a difference in the world and how we learn and grow from other cultures and their values.” – Mike Azcue, CEO, World Ventures

“The Bottle School trip is everything you could want of a Voluntour! Not only is the impact to the community huge and sustainable, but you’ll get to experience the local culture and history of Guatemala, see a beautiful country, and spend time with the most loving people you may ever meet. Be prepared for the experience of a lifetime and come be part of a massive vision to improve the lives of thousands of children.” – Spryte Loriano, Executive Director, Manifest Foundation

Understanding the positive impact that our efforts will have on these communities was huge. The Guatemalan people were gracious, kind, and engaging. Gerson was amazing. The food was spectacular. I loved how our group engaged with each other and with the communities. It is compelling to experience the love, the gratitude, the hospitality, and sense of brotherhood that the Guatemalan people express so freely. Hope seems always to burn brightly within the human heart but never brighter than when the opportunity for educational and financial advancement barely exists. To hear stories about impoverished communities willing to give their only chicken for the chance to have their own school is heart rending. I can’t wait to go return!” – Dr Rick White, Tennessee

“Not only did I get to experience the beauty of the country but the memories of this trip will be edged in my mind and my soul forever. The concept of helping others in this manner is significantly different that a typical mission where you teach others to become dependent on you. By working side by side with the people, we all build more than a structure. Together we build character and a legacy. This was an amazing experience.” – Annie Diaz Toro, Florida

“Being part of a project that will help many generations to come gives me lots of satisfaction. Meeting a community that lacks financially but is rich in love, appreciation, spirit and happiness has shown me again that happiness comes from many other ways other than financially.” – Betty Bonilla, Florida