Testimonials from the trip to Panicuy, January 2012

“My expectations were exceeded because it got me out of my comfort zone but still it was done in a safe and supportive environment. The growth I experienced spiritually and mentally and physically observing Gerson, Juan Ma, Dave & Cheryl’s examples vastly exceeded my expectations.” – Gabe Cohan

“This trip is the definition for unconditional love. People come together to help one another. This has been an amazing experience. I have described this trip as being magical: the people, the country, the whole experience is magical. If you want an extended family after one week, this is the place to come. The people here consider us family and that feeling is mutual.” – Adam Flores

My own limitations based on beliefs about human nature – especially my own character – have been significantly reduced. I have more faith in all of God’s children – including myself – being able to overcome fear and alienation to make the world a much better place.”

“I couldn’t believe how well organized everything was! I was so impressed by the different organizations involved and how they performed their roles so well. It was a fantastic experience. I wouldn’t change any activity.”

“My expectations were met and then some on this trip. I was ready to help out and learn but was not expecting the wonderful connections formed with both the Guatemalan people and my teammates. The trip gave me a chance to see and experience another culture first hand and it has made me grow to deeply appreciate and respect the people here.”

“This experience was meaningful to me in every way. Every living thing lives to give. This trip helped me to align myself wit that purpose – living to give. Thanks!”