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Several years ago I cut out an article in Oprah Magazine about building bottle schools in Guatemala. It became my dream to be part of this creative venture. Last May I led a group of volunteers to Guatemala to help Hug It Forward build a bottle school. We spent one week in Guatemala working with a local village community and helped build a school using “eco-bricks”: plastic bottles filled with inorganic waste. The purpose of the trip was to address two seemingly unrelated issues: 1) environmental harm resulting from trash and 2) the lack of adequate educational facilities in Guatemala. The school was is in San Martin Jilotepeque, Guatemala. It was a fantastic trip and we all felt that we got a lot more back than we gave.

I am excited to once again be a part of this project. I am leading a similar trip in March to help build another middle school. The focus of this week will be tying bottles into the wall. We’ll also learn about the cultural heritage of the villagers and students at the school.

I have been an educator my entire career…building a teen parent program, alternative school libraries, and teaching subjects ranging from cooking to child development to research skills. I love to work hard, to help others, to explore new places and to have fun, all of which will all be a big part of this adventure.

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Pam Rybus (AKA Pamarian, Pamacita, Pam ella)

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How kids and communities build bottle schools

Some pictures from our bottle school trip in May 2015







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