October 2012 Bottle School Trip

“It was so incredibly eye-opening to see how the Guatemalans live – so poor yet so joyful. It puts things in perspective. [As a result of the trip, one thing I would commit to would be] “I am certainly far more grateful for everything I have. I also appreciate my family so much more because it was apparent that the love of family, friends and community were all these people had, and they are so happy.”

“I wanted to make a positive impact in the lives of those less fortunate than myself – that is, they dont have the resources to go to school or have to struggle to do so. HIF made it possible to have a visible, tangible impact. I know [now] that my money and that of donors was spent directly on the needs of the communities served.”

“This [experience] is life changing. You cant imagine how doing with less (material) can enrich your life in such a way that you will never forget. You will work hard, laugh much, make new friends, but most importantly, fill your heart.”

“I was able to be a part of something big. Education is huge to the area to be able to help build a school that will last generations was very meaningful. Children will have more opportunities with good education…Because of HIF the kids now have a good school to go to. This trip exceeded my expectations. Everything was all so well organized. I loved the people on my team, the people in the village and working in the school.”