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I traveled to Guatemala for the first time early last year to “give back” as we often say.
What happened next I will not be able to describe in this brief bio. Simply put, Guatemala snuck right up in me and lit a fire I did not realize was this strong. I wanted to give and give more! So I did, three trips last year and four on my calendar for this year.

I’m a Custom Home Builder in the Greater San Antonio TX market and had an instant connection with the construction team on the ground there. My passion for building is fueled in Guatemala with their passion to educate the future generations of Guatemalan children.

The ‘buy-in” factor of each village that earns a bottle school is amazing and so well deserved.
I encourage you step out and join me and my family in Guatemala this year. We are making a difference of a lifetime in each village we serve.

I promise this will be a trip for you to cherish forever. Please feel free to call me directly to chat about the details if needed at 210-389-1106.

– Mike Robare



How kids and communities build bottle schools

Pictures from my previous bottle school trips










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