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I have had the extreme pleasure of traveling to Guatemala not once, but twice to help build a Bottle School. My first trip was in October 2012 and second was in May 2013. I’ll be traveling a third time, co-leading a trip May 12-18, 2014.

I went on my first trip wanting to make a difference. What I didn’t realize was the difference the trip would make in me. I came home a changed person. My second trip was just as amazing as the first. The Bottle School trips are definitely a peak life experience! Not only do we get to help build schools, which will impact Guatemala for generations to come, we get to learn about the culture and the people of Guatemala.

The communities are so very appreciative of our work. Thank you Hug-It-Forward and WorldVentures for allowing us to participate in a vacation of a lifetime. Come join us!

– Linda Harness

When I first heard of Hug It Forward and Bottle Schools about four years ago, I immediately knew that participating in this cause was a “must” for me.

I have been so fortunate to have been able to travel to Guatemala twice now to help build bottle schools. The manual labor of building a school is rewarding but the bonus is the friendships and relationships built with the others on the trip and, more importantly, the people of Guatemala.

Opening up and immersing myself in the culture of these wonderful people has given me a new perspective on what is really important to have a happy, enriched life. Please join us, its an experience you don’t want to miss and will never forget.

– Kim Alleman


A slideshow of our bottle school trip in May 2013

Some pictures from our bottle school trip in May 2013

Kim and Linda with community kids Climbing the Mayan Ruins Linda with community members


How kids and communities build bottle schools

Linda and Kim Kids stuffing bottles



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