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Hey folks, join Delia and I as we return on another fantastic journey to Guatemala. We will experience the culture, communities and history of the beautiful Guatemalan people. All while participating as a team assisting the community in building a “bottle school” using eco-friendly materials. This trip is packed with fellowship, hands on activities, eduations and fulfillment for you, as a couple or for your entire family. Start the summer of 2014 off right and memorable.

– Jon Keim

What an amazing Peak Life experience!! I felt so honored to be a part of something that was PURPOSEFUL and FUN!! I was privileged to connect with a community full of inspirational adults and children. I experienced this unique journey with family, friends as well as creating new friendships with our volunteers. Hugs and smiles from children, laughter with adults and community adventures that were awesome and educational…the people of Guatemala welcomed us with open arms!! We were surrounded and supported by the most incredible team from Hug It Forward!! I look forward to returning for another beautiful and memorable experience!!

– Delia Herrera

Jon and Delia at the Mayan Ruins Jon and Delia at the Mayan Ruins


A slideshow from our bottle school trip in June 2013

Pictures from ours and past bottle school trips

Group picture with the community Group picture with the community Opening ceremony performance Visiting School for Special Needs Visiting School for Special Needs

How kids and communities build bottle schools

Group at the Mayan Ruins Group at the Mayan Ruins Kids in Chisunuc



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