Bottle school trips to Guatemala, November 2013 – led by Shane & Jodie King and Marty Grant

Words can’t express the experience we had while on a Voluntourism trip to Guatemala in November 2012. The country is absolutely breathtaking. Going there, we were under the impression that we would help change some little lives as we helped give back to their communities. Needless to say, they changed a lot of ours. Our group went to work, and work we did!We finished painting a school in record time! Once that was completed, we taught the children how to play kickball. That was one of the highlights of the trip.We look forward to leading a Bottle school trip of our own and want YOU to be there.

So if you have ever wanted to give back or go on a voluntourism trip, NOW is the time! Sign up today and come join us in November 2013.

We have two weeks for you to choose from. Nov 7-13 and Nov 14-19! You too, can make a difference!
Jodie and Shane King

When I first signed up for the trip I felt good inside because I knew I was going to do a good deed and help a lot of people out. What I didn’t realize until I got there, was I wasn’t the one giving the blessing, I was the one receiving the blessing. My life was touched in so many ways from that trip that I can’t explain. The one thing that stood out to me from the trip was the gratitude of the people. We as Americans are the most ungrateful people on the planet. We have everything and still complain about it and those wonderful people literally have nothing and are so grateful for everything they have!

One experience that touched my life forever was the day we went to the school that had already been completed. We waled into the gate and there were kids running up to us. One particular lil boy by the name of Juan Carlos, age 6, came up to me and wrapped his arms around me. We sat and took pics with my camera and I showed him how to take the pictures by himself. We played in the rocks and took videos and to watch him smile was priceless. When we started to leave I had gave him a hug by and as I was walking out of the gate about to get on the bus, he ran and stuck his arms through the fence and said “Adios, Marty!” I immediately ran back to the fence and grabbed him. I said “No, this isn’t goodbye.” I got on the bus with tears in my eyes and told Gerson I would commit to one school a year because I wanted to watch Juan Carlos grow up. If you haven’t been on a voluntourrism trip, go on one, it will change your life forever!
Marty Grant

A video of our bottle school trip in November 2012

A slideshow from our bottle school trip in November 2012

How kids and communities build bottle schools

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