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Hello!!! I have been fortunate to travel and see many places around the world. Recently, just going somewhere didn’t feel like I was doing enough. In 2016, I organized a group of 13 people, who all had ties to education, to go help build a school in Nicaragua. We called ourselves the Dreamcatchers because it is our dream to help see all children have an opportunity for education and because we’re helping make communities dreams come true as well. I think I speak for all of us when I say it was a very humbling, powerful, and impactful experience. Nicaraguans are beautiful people. They welcomed us into their community and it was evident how important this new school was for everyone. In 12 days we formed tighter bonds as a group and made new friends who will forever be in our hearts. From worlds apart we worked together for one common goal, a better opportunity for education. Sitting in the airport we agreed this was something we wanted to continue to do.

In 2018, we took our second group as Dreamcatchers II and made our way to Kenya to help build our second school. Here we learned so much about becoming a sustainable community. We learned to carry water on our heads like so many women and children do, we learned about agriculture, water, and about the community as a whole. We gained so much from the community we were in.

In 2020 we will be at it again! Dreamcatchers III are very excited to be making our way to Guatemala July 5th – 12th to be helping with a bottle school. For us, we love the feeling of helping a community build/improve their school plus seeing children and families work so hard to get an education that we often take for granted. What they are willing do to do to get educated is very inspiring. Please join us in Guatemala, we would love to have you there!

– Jaynie Burnell –


How kids and communities build bottle schools

Pictures from previous bottle school trips



Scott Carrying Cement

Pictures from my previous experience volunteering in other contries



Kids from Varituc helping on the project


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