January 2013 Bottle School Trip

“This experience was meaningful because I got to make personal connections with people in the community via work, school activities, and play. There wasn’t [a feeling of] distance so I felt comfortable reaching out and I gained so much more this way… My highlight was the community hike. It helped put things in perspective as we were breathless realizing that the kids walk barefoot on the same path each day. I appreciated the community members for opening up their homes to us. It helped me to connect.” – Kelly

“This was a wonderful experience that allowed me to see a completely new part of the world and a new culture all while helping a community and being very hands on.”

“It was beautiful to see how the community worked together, it makes you think about your own family. It was also amazing to see how other communities/cultures work together.”

“[for anyone considering joining a voluntourism trip:] Come with an open mind. Be open to new experiences. Don’t have any expectations, follow your heart, and be on your own journey.”

“I have never done anything like this before. It felt amazing to help build a school for these kids. To know that I helped them is one of the best feelings and I feel grateful for this opportunity which has changed my outlook on things so much… I loved interacting with the kids even though I don’t speak Spanish.”

“This was my first time outside of the U.S. so there were many learning experiences. I have a whole new outlook on the world and what community means. This was by far the best experience of my life.” – Melissa