Guide To Promoting Your Bottle School Trip

The purpose of this guide

This guide will show you how to effectively promote your bottle school trip. This guide has been comprised using proven methods shared with us from past trip leaders.

Ideas for promoting your bottle school trip

  • Share the trip with your work colleagues, members of your church, college alumni, any groups/teams you are a part of, and/or your friends and family. Speak about your personal experience on the trip, preferably in person but through social media will work as well.
  • Create a Facebook Event page, invite people, post regularly, and share photos from your bottle school trip experiences.
  • Create an information packet for your trip. This can be comprised of information taken off the Hug It Forward and/or Serve The World Today websites and could be used to build interest in the trip, convey important information, and/or to answer frequently asked questions.
  • Keep a database of people who have shown interest and check on them regularly – if you are committed and serious about getting them booked, they will take it seriously as well. Most people won’t book the trip the first time you tell them about it – they will need several follow-ups, and you will need to “push” some people more than others. As well, send them details about what is included in the price of the trip, details about what is not included in the price, what the weather will be like the month of the trip, an estimate on how much the flights are from their specific departure destination (most people think the flights are much more expensive than they actually are), and that space is limited so they should book before the trip sells out.
  • Start recruiting for the trip more than 6 months before the trip starts. Get commitments from at least 10 people and once they have booked, it will become a team effort to fill the trip.
  • Most people don’t book the trip because they are afraid of the unknown. Remind them how safe you felt during the trip, vaccinations are not required, the food is amazing, the staff will become family, and the experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you haven’t been on trip before, make sure you know exactly what is involved – this is your responsibility and you will be able to more effectively promote the trip if you understand all the details. Ask us if you are not sure about anything: we are here to help you.