Bottle school trip to Guatemala March 16th to March 22nd, 2013 – led by Dale and Linda Dawson

Enjoy a life changing experience which “pays it forward” by helping communities educate their children as we assist in the construction and painting of bottle schools. You’ll be showered with overwhelming gratitude, enjoy breathtaking mountain top vistas, volcanoes, huge hummingbirds, and take a transformational journey to the Mayan Ruins.

Wait, there’s more. Our tour guide and translator, Gerson, has a heart as big as the sun. Christy, our amazing cook, will treat us to her delicacies. The love from these beautiful people people will warm your heart. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving to them and you. The two of us went in November and knew we must go back. Join us. – Dale and Linda Dawson

A slideshow from our bottle school trip in November 2012

How Kids and Communities Build Bottle Schools

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Visit the Hug It Forward web site to find out all about bottle schools.

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