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The passion I have for Hug It Forward and what we do in Guatemala is hard to put to words. I have been on 2 trips so far and loved them so much I decided I need to make a trip of my own. It made me feel emotions I’ve never felt before. So much joy. So much hope. So much happiness. I grew in ways I never knew I could. Being a teacher, I strongly believe that every child deserves an education and the bottle schools provide that opportunity while making an environmental impact at the same time. Changing these kiddos lives by helping them build a school WILL change your life forever. Knowing you are making a difference is the best kind of growth a person can have and I want everyone to be able to experience such a feeling. It’s undescribable.

Immersing ourselves completely into the culture makes you realize what is really important in our daily lives and what is not. Everyone “talks” about how they want to help change the world, but talk is cheap. However, if you truly have a heart to serve and the desire to help make this world a better place, then this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for. The bonds you make from this truly one of a kind experience will last a lifetime. I felt so well taken care of and safe the entire trip that my anxiety didn’t even have a chance to show up but I can answer any questions you may have to give you peace of mind. Please Email me at or text me at 719-433-5743. I’m more than happy to help!

I can’t wait to change the world with you.



How kids and communities build bottle schools

Pictures from my previous bottle school trips



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Fundraising for bottle schools

You might also like to fundraise for Hug It Forward bottle schools. Fundraising for bottle schools is optional – it is not a requirement of participating in a bottle school trip.

If you choose to fundraise, we suggest a $250 fundraising goal, but some people choose to do more or less than this. It’s really up to you – how much you think your friends and families can give, how creative you can be, and how much time you’re prepared to put into it.

See more information about fundraising.