Bringing your family

Our favorite trips are the trips where parents come with their children. It’s a wonderful experience to share with your family – you can learn and grow a lot together as you all step outside of your comfort zone. Young minds have the most to gain from having such a powerful experience so young in their lives. It can really change the way they look at the world.

Guatemala is a safe environment for children, and our trip leaders are experienced in working with children of all ages. Children will have the opportunity to play and interact with children in the communities where you are working on a bottle school, and to help build the school with their own hands.

We’ve had children as young as eight on our trips, and teenagers and young adults too. There’s no set age limit for coming on a bottle school trip – it really depends on the individual child, their level of maturity, have they traveled before, and so on. If you’re thinking about bringing your kids on a trip and you have any questions or concerns, please email Adam at

The video below shares some family bottle school experiences: